Custom Rod Building - Custom Rod Wrapping

What we do here at Reel Rods

Reel Rods is a custom rod building company. We design and build custom fishing rods that will fit your fishing application. The options we offer are nearly endless and cover all price ranges. We understand that not everyone can afford the top of the line rod and therefore we offer a lot of different options and price points.

What sets apart a custom built fishing rod? There are a few main difference between normal rods and custom ones. A custom rod can be designed around your specifications. The rod will have the perfect flex, tension, materials, reels, etc. that are all top quality. Most commercially manufactured fishing rods won’t include the best component parts which cause them to have less longevity and feel.

A huge key feature in custom built rods is personalization. We offer a lot of personalization options in each rod. This ranges from different colors, decorative wraps, personalized messages, grip options, blank options, guide options and so on. The rod is built just for you and the way you want it.

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